ASCENT Focus Group Implementation

Aug 14, 2018

All ASCENT partners implemented the focus groups until the end of August 2018. The ASCENT project focus group interviews were used to ask experts a number of questions, which need to be resolved before continuing with the project activities of work package 1. With these interviews it is also aimed to specifically identify the needs for test bays at the participating universities from an industry point of view and also determine training topics which are of importance for the industry but not yet implemented at the university level. As an additional advantage of the method, the partner higher education institutions conducting the interviews get a better insight into the mind-set of the interviewees and get a good feeling of what is required to create first university-business cooperation and second industry needs in terms of education and practical on-hand trainings in test bays. The output derived from these focus groups is used in order to combine the results from the desk research with input given from the industry to create a full picture in terms of the automotive industry in all 6 countries before being able to identify gaps.

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