Centro de Competências

 Processamento de Dados e Sinais para Profissionais da Industria Automotive

Center for Data Aquisition Systems and Signal Conditioning | Upgraded Skills for your Employees

The Competence Centre

The competence centre will be run by the Automotive Engineering Centre at the mechanical engineering department. The location will be at the building where the Formula Student is currently hosted, inside the mechanical engineering building at the University Campus. This building is under the responsibility of the faculty involved with the project and has all condition to support the new equipment and the people that will make use of them.

The main costumers are the car industries in São Paulo and the suppliers of auto parts and systems, São Paulo hosts the HQ of companies such as VW, General Motors, Ford and PSA. Other companies are located at about one hour from town, such as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. From the last five years racing car teams have contacted the university to have some engineering development and have collaborated with the students in teams such as the Formula Student and SAE Baja. The centre will also focus on this growing demand.

Our mission is to provide technical background to graduates and engineers working in areas related to mobility.

We desire to link the University of Sao Paulo with the automotive industry and its suppliers most of them located at the same geographic area.

Our objectives are: 

  • Cooperation with the industry
  • Work in experimental methods to validate simulations
  • Train and evaluate personnel that will work at the automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Develop new bussinesses in mobility
  • Attract and train students to carreers in the mobility bussiness





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